Sandwich Illustration

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Here’s our perks and rewards illustration by Ameet Mehta. Support us today!

Locations Scouting

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Here we are, checking out a local grocery store!




Dandekar Makes a Sandwich–Short Film!

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I’ve had my script for Days with Dandekar for some time, although it went through some re-writes this fall. I feel now, though, that it is a much stronger script, something I’d def like to make. We are currently building the team, and planning to fundraise later this year for a shoot in 2015.

But this summer, I am going to make a short, 5-6 minute film based on the character in the feature, called Dandekar Makes a Sandwich. Brian George will play the lead, which I am very excited about. It is about a lonely older man who goes into the grocery to gather the ingredients for his sandwich and a moment of connection ensues.

The film will require me to do a little fundraising, because I want to shoot it in a grocery store, plus bring on a DP that can shoot it on film, so I am going to do a small Indiegogo campaign for $5000, as sort of a preliminary run to get the film off the ground. It is a lot of work, but I am super excited. It’s a story I have been sitting with for a long, time and I feel that it’s finally time to bring it to the screen. Here are some reasons for making a short film:

1. Establish tone: The piece is def a drama/comedy. The tone is very peculiar and specific, and I want to be able to show audiences and funders who it will look/feel.

2. Develop the acting style: I’m looking to develop an acting style that is quirky, unusual while also being heartfelt. I want, Dandekar, the main character, to be a little gritty, a little edgy, as well, while displaying this sort of physical comedy. So, I am having some conversations with Brian to craft this performance and develop a style that really sort of stands out.

3. Create a Visual Style: I’ve made a lot of comedic sketches over the past 2 years, and have definitely been developing a sort of “film grammar” for my work. By this, I mean using the camera to tell the story in the way that makes sense for the narrative I am telling. I really like a looser, handheld style for the type of comedy I am doing. But I also like some static shots to establish space and place. I sat down with DP Michael Pessah last week, and we came up with this idea of using a steadicam for the movement, and than using still, more staged shots for some of the exposition. The steadicam will still give that feeling of movement, but it will be less frantic and crazy than handheld. I’m really excited about this. We will be working on lighting over the next few weeks.

4. Collaborate with a team: One of the best parts about filmmaking is that it is highly collaborative. I really enjoy working with cast and crew to bring something interesting to the screen. So, I am excited to begin building out team, and bringing on some great people.

5. Bring awareness to the project. Of course. This way, I am not trying to make a feature right off the bat, and there is already some awareness/knowledge of the movie.

Buy My Volvo

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This is awesome and hilarious!


Days with Dandekar

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Welcome to the website and blog for Days with Dandekar, an independent feature film slated for production in the winter/spring of 2015. Stay tuned for updates an information as we make progress with the movie.