Logline: RK Dandekar goes on a meaning-of-life journey as he searches for his beloved car that was traded away by his well-intentioned daughters.

Synopsis: Days with Dandekar depicts the emotional journey of a lonely man seeking deeper meaning, purpose, and connection in his life.  RK Dandekar is a 65-year-old Indian immigrant who built his American dream from the ground up, yielding the comfortable life he always wanted – a job he enjoys, successful daughters, and a wife he admires.

But when his company suddenly forces him into early retirement, he must confront a frightening question: what do I do now? RK turns to his family, wanting to be close, to find a connection, only to find that they don’t have time for him.  So he wanders around town in his beloved Volvo, getting free samples at the local stores. Thinking a new car will cheer up their father, RK’s daughters trade in his cherished Volvo. RK is devastated, and rushes to the used car salesman to get it back, only to find that it’s been sold.

Panicked, RK races all over town searching for the car, posting flyers, trying to find any leads he can, determined to get it back. As he searches, he is confronted by moments from his past where he wasn’t always the kind, jolly man he sees himself as today, especially to his wife. Through his journey, he comes to realize that he can’t relive the past, he can only move forward. Days with Dandekar is a story of redemption and hope, and redefining one’s self when all seems lost.